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Seeza is the Zulu word for help or assist, spelt siza, but pronounced see-


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Established by Rob & Kate Allingham. We saw much need in rural South Africa, especially children orphaned or affected by HIV/AIDS. We felt we wanted to do something and serve in some way. 

Many of these people who are in poverty or disadvantaged cycle just do not have the means to get themselves out of it. They have great latent skills and abilities that can produce stunning products, but simply do not have the resource or know how to bring their products to market.

Although we could not be there physically giving support, we felt our skills, experience and abilities could make a difference. We established Proper Living to develop and harness their skills into high end quality products marketed internationally. Proper Living will donate all its profits to Seeza to help people to help themselves.

South Africa may have a more obvious poverty and development need. However we are also aware of much need in Cornwall, albeit of a different nature. Seeza will also devote time and funds to organisations in Cornwall that help people who are at a difficult place in their lives.





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 Work creation
In South Africa we are establishing a development hub and workshop where people have access to equipment and a dedicated work space. Initially this will be subsidised, and as the micro business becomes self-sustaining we will introduce a hire charge (pro-rata). We can then subsidise more new individuals. We will actively work with these individuals and micro businesses to help develop their products to an international standard, marketed by our commercial partner Proper Living. We will also create employment opportunities through our Carbon Offset program.

Training and skills development:
Deliver regular workshops and coaching programs to help individuals improve their life and business skills.

Donate to poverty alleviation
We will donate and work with charitable organisation who have existing programs in place to help poverty alleviation and who support orphans.

We know we simply cannot do this all by ourselves, so we welcome any volunteers or other organisations that want to partner with us. Each charity partner will be evaluated based on their ability and track record to deliver effective programs in their communities. Organisational creditability, transparency, accountability and the required skills and experience will be important evaluation criteria.
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  We hope to generate our funding through various means
Individual Donations
Individuals can donate to support our aims of helping people to help themselves. This may take the form of one-off donations or a regular payment e.g. sponsoring a child. We encourage UK supporters to claim gift aid.
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Organisation or Business donations
We encourage other organisations and businesses to support our cause through their own social responsibility commitments or offsetting their carbon with us. As a business Proper Living will donate its profits to Seeza with added benefit that some of the products were made by Seeza beneficiaries.
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Product Sales
We will introduce our ‘Gifts for Life’ range. This can be purchased simply as a means of ‘donation’ or a gift idea that family or friends can purchase for you – a gift swap of sorts. Rather than receiving a gift you give it away by requesting others to purchase a Gift for Life that will be given to someone who really needs it.
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Carbon Offset
Funds generated by our Carbon Offset Program will be invested in renewable energy sources in rural disadvantaged communities or carbon sink programs such as planting trees, with the added benefit of also creating work.
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