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About us

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As owners we want to live our lives, make a living and do business
in a ‘proper’ way - motivated by three factors:
  • Alleviation of poverty by helping people to help themselves. We have a close affinity with both Cornwall and South Africa and have seen much need and poverty, especially evident in rural South Africa. We want to make a difference in our own small way.
  • Ensuring business is a fair deal to all parties, sustainable and in synergy with our environment
  • Business should serve people, not people serve businesses and profits.
Fundamentally everything for us is about ensuring people receive a fair deal
and we are responsible stewards of the environment.

To this end we have combined our first world business experience and established Proper
Living and our charity Seeza. We will bring excellent high quality sustainable products and
services to market that are fair to all - from the micro producer to the end customer, without
harming the environment. We will reinvest ALL our profits back into the communities that
develop these products for us. 
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Sound sustainable profits are important motivators for businesses. However we believe
that profits should be reinvested back into the communities that produce our products.
We will donate ALL* our profits to our charity Seeza.
Seeza will administer the development and charitable programs within these communities.
Importantly sustainable charity should be about helping others to help themselves.


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*All our profits donated will be after reinvestment for ongoing future
sustainable business growth.



Our partnerships Proper Living


We partner with UK & South African artisans, small manufacturers and producers to bring
their exquisite products to the online market in an effective and professional manner. We
only work with partners who subscribe to our high standards of fair ethical sustainable
trading. Our partnership will allow your brand to have a world class online e-commerce
and order fulfilment solution based in the UK with an international reach.
Read more about our Partnership Program.

South Africa
Bring your products to the UK, European and International market. We aim to partner with
a very select group of existing SA businesses and suppliers who subscribe to our high
standard of fair ethical sustainable trading.
Contact us if you would like to grow your international exposure.

SA Charitable Activity
We are establishing a development hub and workshop in South Africa to work closely with
disadvantaged people and artisans. Assisting and developing their fantastic talents and
skills to bring high quality exportable products to market.
Read more about our Partnership Program.
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We will constantly introduce products of the highest standards  and our products will be
synonymous for quality, fairness and sustainability. All products on offer will be made and
designed with special care, representing a wide and unique range from our exclusively
selected supplier partners. 
Fair trading and the environment is at the heart of our business model. We will ensure all
products adhere to the highest fair and ethical trading standards. We strive to have a very
small environmental impact aiming to deliver to your door with a zero carbon footprint –
from raw material, manufacturing to shipping. We will work with supplier partners to
mitigate their environmental impact as much as possible, or offset the full impact with
our  Seeza Carbon Offset Program.
UNITED KINGDOM Proper Living Limited Tel: 01840 214 448
Newhall Manor Farm Delabole Cornwall PL33 9ER
Company No: 9022350 UK VAT No: 222 2730 50