All our profits are donated to charity - | - WE offset all our CO2 - | - FREE UK Delivery on Orders over £125

About our Products & Services

We have an ever growing range of exquisite and sustainable products.
  • Made and designed with special care.
  • Unique range from our exclusively selected supplier partners, each selling under their own brand name.
  • Of the highest quality, representing a multitude of disciplines and categories of artisan or artistic styles.
  • Also incorporates Proper Living’s branded products, produced for us by micro suppliers as well as individuals going through our development program in South Africa.
  • All our products are sourced and manufactured under Proper Living's high ethical, fair trade and environmental requirements.
  • ALL our profits will be reinvested back into these communities through development work and poverty alleviation, administered though our charity SEEZA.
    • Trade fairly: we ensure all our partners have a fair sustainable deal
    • Carbon Neutral: we will offset each product   -  from manufacture to your door
    • Ethical & Safe: to meet the highest ethical standards of production, no child or slave labour, with safe and comfortable working environments
    • Environment: minimal impact through production, shipping or business methods
    We look forward to sharing our sustainable products with you