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Bath Mats - Dhurrie Weave Cotton

by Proper Living


  • These quality "Dhurrie" bath mats are HAND WOVEN in Cape Town, South Africa. They are stylish, made from pure cotton and are very durable. In addition, they are machine washable and can be tumble dried (at low temperature and with low loading of the tumble drier). Perfect for any season, these cotton Dhurrie bath mats feel warm in Winter and cool in Summer.

    The word Dhurrie comes from India where it was used to describe a thick flat-woven rug or carpet used traditionally as floor-coverings.

    Size: 60 x 100cm

    These products are ethically manufactured in South Africa for Proper Living from top quality pure cotton, sustainably sourced in Pakistan.

    ALL products are ONLY sourced from Sustainable & Fair Trade sources and manufacturers, ALL Carbon is Offset - from raw material to your door, ALL Proper Living profits are donated to Charity.
  • Hand woven in Cape Town, South Africa.
    Pure cotton - very durable
    Colours available: white, natural and taupe.
    Machine washable – warm water.
    Should be line dried, however can be tumble dried at low temperature and low loading of machine.
    A dhurrie (also durrie or durry) is a thick flat-woven rug or carpet used traditionally in India as floor-coverings.
    Dhurries can be used year 'round. The cotton dhurrie is warm in winters and cool in summers.
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  • Fundamentally everything for us is about ensuring people receive a fair deal and we are responsible stewards of the environment.

    Proper Living aims to bring excellent high quality sustainable products and services to market that are fair to all - from the micro producer to the end customer, without harming the environment. We will reinvest ALL our profits through our charity Seeza, back into the communities that develop these products for us.

    All products on offer will be made and designed with special care in Cornwall and South Africa. We will represent a wide and unique range of products from our exclusively selected Cornish and South African supplier partners.

    Fair trading and the environment is at the heart of our business model. We will ensure all products adhere to the highest fair and ethical trading standards. We strive to have a very small environmental impact aiming to deliver to your door with a zero carbon footprint – from raw material, manufacturing to shipping. We will work with supplier partners to mitigate their environmental impact as much as possible, or offset the full impact with our Carbon Offset program.

    We partnership with Cornish artisan and producers to bring their exquisite products to the international online market in an effective and professional manner.
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